Montreal at Torronto 2pm/11am TSN1,

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Montreal at Torronto 2pm/11am TSN1,

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The challenges of playing hockey in a Canadian market are well documented: higher taxes, over abundant media coverage, lack of anonymity, an unrelenting and vicious winter, way too much Rush in rotation on FM radio. What makes Canada such a great place to be a hockey fan makes it a difficult environment to play in. Canada is indisputably the centre of the hockey universe, and at that universes core is Toronto. The Greater Toronto Hockey League is over a hundred years old and the largest minor hockey league in the world. Despite their futility, the Leafs could sell out Rogers Centre for home games charging $1000 and first-born children for upper deck seats. The Marlies are flourishing in the AHL. Next years World Junior Hockey Championships (co-hosted with Montreal) are sure to be the most successfully attended and celebrated ever. And yet, as a player, what would entice you to ply your trade in the Big Smoke?The crowds at the ACC for Leafs game are an embarrassment to hockeys most important market. The stories of the suits in the expensive seats, absent for starts of periods and reticent to loosen their ties even as Brian Burke undid his, are well known. The arena is eerily quiet compared to its contemporaries, a conservative and reserved audience in a sport and city renowned for its maniacal fandom. And this is not indicative of Toronto crowds, as we witnessed during the Raptors playoff appearance this year, rowdy afternoons at Jays games at Rogers Centre, and the masses that turned out this year and last in Maple Leaf/Raptors Square. But those involved fans (who make up the vast majority of Leafs Nation) enthusiasms are negatively tempered by the lower bowls reservations, reservations bred by alternately flawed and complacent approaches to building a competitive team and the absence of a winning presence. As a player who is passionate about his vocation, why would you want to commit to an environment that doesnt match that passion, especially when the home ice advantage can be such an important component of the game?Often in pieces that claim players like Thornton are interested in playing for the Leafs, the prospect of coming "home" is cited as a key factor. The very notion of "home" is a flawed premise in this lazy argument. Even if you call "home" somewhere in Southern Ontario, as a hockey player you probably havent lived there since you were 16. Thornton has lived in San Jose for nearly a decade, is a naturalized US citizen, has a wife, a mortgage, perhaps a few pets, maybe a café he really likes to go to, a favourite pizza place, a butcher who cuts his ribeyes to just the perfect thickness. But the Toronto Sun is going to tell him where his home is.For many players, one might suspect that playing at home in front of an overbearing hockey dad, mum and her new husband, and sycophantic high school acquaintances just a few blocks from where that girl broke your heart is the very definition of hell. And is working in your hometown really all that enticing? How many of you work in your hometowns? Hardly any. Youve all moved to Toronto.Thornton is from St. Thomas, Ontario, which would place his NHL "hometown" in Detroit or Buffalo as much as in Toronto, and yet those markets media dont seem to be making the "coming home" argument. Torontos hockey media is the most intense in all of professional sports. Maybe Montreals is equal, but half of the vitriol and conjecture there is in French, and only a fraction of NHLers understand it. (Reasonably, even those of us who are bilingual dont really understand it.) In Toronto, there is endless speculation, much of it even based in fact. Each flaw, each mistake (on and off the ice) is dissected and disseminated ad nauseum. Trade rumours are fabricated on a daily basis, the ubiquitous "NHL executive" noted as an unimpeachable source. The discussion of hockey in Toronto has become an insufferable wall of noise for an uninvested observer, so imagine if the discourse directly affected your family, your income, and your life.It seems a lot to ask of a player to endure such amplified attention, especially given the fact the Leafs have not been a competitive team since 2004. And that is final circle of the NHLs Hell: irrelevance. Toronto is still recovering from the John Ferguson Jr. era. They have some formidable pieces in Kessel, Morgan Reilly, and Jonathan Bernier; a young skilled forward, puck moving defenseman, and promising goaltender around which to build. They have a top-ten pick in the coming draft, some interesting if not spectacular prospects (Stuart Percy, Matt Finn), and some movable pieces (Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner). Brendan Shanahan emanates stability and hubris. But theyre still saddled with bad contracts (Dion Phaneuf, David Clarkson), a suspect coaching philosophy, and a lack of depth. And to watch the Kings, Blackhawks, and Rangers this spring is to know the Leafs are far removed from that level of hockey.So if you were an unrestricted free agent, or a player on the trading block with some say in his future, why would you come to Toronto? Consider Thornton: Youre in your mid-30s, never won a Cup, live in the perfection of Northern California, in a market that sustains you but doesnt invade you, and youd chose to move to Toronto, with its high taxes, magnified attention, and with as much of a chance of winning a Cup in the next five years as Quebec City? Toronto is a world-class city, cultured and cosmopolitan, a great place to live and make a life. The Joe Thorntons of the world should want to play home games at the ACC. The challenges of the market need to be offset by a tradition of winning and the only way for Toronto to do that is to build a stable and competitive franchise through hoarding draft picks and young controllable players, and eschewing the temptation of quick expensive fixes like Clarkson, or Thornton. The best thing for a successful NHL would be a dominant Toronto Maple Leafs team. Given the teams last decade, however, it seems like that wont happen until Hell freezes over. Fortunately for Toronto, most of it freezes over every January, so the wait may not be that long. Jay Novacek Jersey .com) - No Sidney Crosby, no problem. Kyle Wilber Jersey . For one, he still gets to crank the intensity to the max. "I push pretty angry. I ran pretty angry too though, but I have fun doing it," Lumsden said. ... - American Madison Keys grabbed a first- round victory on Sunday in a rainy start to the Apia International Sydney tournament. Bill Bates Jersey . Louis Blues were workmanlike, methodical and -- most of all -- effective on Monday night. Sean Lee Jersey . PAUL, Minn.September DATE MATCH-UP TIME (ET/PT) NETWORK Friday Sept. 26 New England at Kansas City 8pm/5pm TSN2 Saturday Sept. 27 Portland at Toronto 1pm/10am TSN1, TSN4, TSN5 Saturday Sept. 27 Philadelphia at D.C. 3pm/Noon TSN4 Saturday Sept. 27 Salt Lake at Vancouver 7pm/4pm TSN2 Sunday Sept. 28 New York at Los Angeles 10:30pm/7:30pm pt TSN2 October DATE MATCH-UP TIME (ET/PT) NETWORK Thursday Oct. 2 Chicago at Philadelphia 8pm/5pm TSN5 Friday Oct. 3 Kansas City at D.C, 8pm/5pm TSN2 Saturday Oct. 4 Dallas at Vancouver 7pm/4pm TSN2 Saturday Oct. 4 Toronto at Los Angeles 10:30pm/7:30pm TSN Wednesday Oct. 8 Houston at Toronto 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN Friday Oct. 10 Vancouver at Seattle 10pm/7pm TSN Saturday Oct. 11 New England at Montreal 4pm/1pm TSN1, TSN4, TSN5 Saturday Oct. 11 Toronto at New York 7pm/4pm TSN2 Sunday Oct. 12 Los Angeles at Dallas 7pm/4pm TSN2 Thursday Oct. 16 New England at Houston 8pm/5pm TSN2 Friday Oct. 17 Salt Lake at Portland 10pm/7pm TSN2 Saturday Oct. 18 Montreal at Torronto 2pm/11am TSN1, TSN4, TSN5 Saturday Oct.dddddddddddd 18 Vancouver at San Jose 10:30pm/7:30pm TSN Sunday Oct. 19 Seattle at Los Angeles 8:15pm/5:15pm TSN2 Friday Oct. 24 Houston at Chicago 8pm/5pm TSN2 Saturday Oct. 25 Los Angeles at Seattle 2:30pm/11:30am TSN2 Saturday Oct. 25 Toronto at New England 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN2 Saturday, Oct. 25 Colorado at Vancouver 10pm/7pm TSN1, TSN2, TSN3 Sunday Oct. 26 New York at Kansas City 8:30pm/5:30pm TSN2 Wednesday, Oct. 29 Playoffs: Vancouver at FC Dallas 8:30pm/5:30pm TSN1 Thursday, Oct. 30 Playoffs: Kansas City at New York 8pm/5pm TSN2 Saturday, Nov. 1 Playoffs: Los Angeles at Salt Lake - 1st Leg 8pm/5pm (JIP) TSN2 Sunday, Nov. 2 Playoffs: Seattle at FC Dallas - 1st Leg 9pm/6pm TSN2 Sunday, Nov. 9 Playoffs: Salt Lake at Los Angeles - 2nd Leg 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN2 Monday, Nov. 10 Playoffs: Dallas at Seattle - 2nd Leg 10:30pm/7:30pm TSN2 Saturday, Nov. 29 Playoffs: New York at New England - 2nd Leg 3pm/Noon TSN2 Sunday, Dec. 7 MLS Cup Final: New England vs. Los Angeles 3pm/Noon TSN1, TSN4 * Broadcasting on TSN means the match will be carried on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5. 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